Is studio c a restaurant? Or an event space?

Great question! It’s both…

can I walk into studio c without a reservation?

During the day (6:30-3:00) we are open for coffee, retail pick-ups, and togo snacks. Sometimes we have restaurant style lunch pop-ups (stay tuned to our calendar, email blasts and social media) but all of our evening events are reservation only.

how much does it cost to eat at studio c?

The beauty of Studio C is that every event is unique, which means that pricing is also unique.

However, our baseline prices (per person) for our private dinner events are as follows

A three course meal - $85 Custom wine pairings $30

A four course meal- $120 Custom wine pairings $40

A five course meal-$150 Custom wine pairings $40

Corkage fees- $25 a bottle

If these numbers are out of your price range, don’t fret! We want you to eat at Studio C, so stay tuned for our special pop-up lunches, dinners, and tasting events!

can I use studio c to host a workshop or pop-up event?

We love creative uses of the space and we highly encourage collaborations. If you are a chef interested in hosting your own pop up, a wine rep or coffee roaster who wants to host a tasting, or a creative interested in hosting a workshop just shoot us an e-mail or give us a call and we will work to set something up with you.

can studio c be used for big events like wedding receptions?

Absolutely! We encourage weddings too, we will even officiate.

How do I make a reservation?

The only way to make a reservation with us is through the website contact form. Our reservations are also on a first come first serve basis, so we can’t hold a space open for you until we have a credit card on file.